Behind the Scenes at The Bloom Project:

A Glimpse into Life at Bloom

The Bloom Project – Reception Area
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Entering The Bloom Project offices is more than stepping into a workspace; it’s not just about clocking in and out.

19,438 square feet of prime office space in Newcastle city centre, on the iconic Grey Street, The Bloom Project is not simply a commercial property; it’s a community that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and support.

Spaces That Inspire

Step into the offices, and you’ll immediately notice the thought put into the design. The breakout areas are vibrant hubs of collaboration and relaxation, where ideas flow freely.

The meeting spaces, such as our relaxing Zen Den, are more than spaces for discussions; they’re arenas for creativity and productivity.

Our amphitheatre on the first floor is a focal point for presentations, workshops, and discussions. It’s a versatile space that transforms seamlessly from a lecture hall to a collaborative brainstorming ground, fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing.

The Bloom Project – Collaboration Area

Community and Collaboration

At The Bloom Project, community isn’t just a buzzword—it’s woven into the fabric of daily interactions.

The emphasis on collaboration goes beyond project work; it’s about fostering connections that extend beyond office hours.

Everyone is invited to regular fundraising and social events with their office neighbours, encouraging you to network and connect with businesses that, similarly to you, prioritise a supportive and thriving workspace.

Services That Go Beyond

The Bloom Project isn’t just a space provider; it’s a partner invested in the success of the businesses it houses.

From well-being initiatives like discounted fitness classes and counselling sessions in collaboration with Mind, to inclusive events fostering community and support, The Bloom Project goes beyond conventional office services.

The Bloom Project – Fitness Corp

Partnerships like Corp Fitness stand as testaments to our commitment to holistic well-being. Corp Fitness plays a pivotal role in goal-setting, providing nutritional advice, and offering personalised fitness consultations to support our occupants’ overall health.

The Bloom Project aims to empower businesses that prioritise their employees’ happiness and well-being. It’s more than just a workspace; it’s a platform where principles meet profits, individuals bloom and business booms.

If that sounds like your business, contact us below to learn more about our Grey Street offices.

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Our mission at The Bloom Project is to empower businesses that prioritise their employees’ happiness and well-being by providing a workspace that actively supports these values.

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